Influential Courses from UNI

ENG 531 - Old English Language, Literature, and Culture

Influential Courses from Lewis University

ENG 460 - Senior Seminar: Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood

ENG 353 - Advanced Study: The Gothic Novel

ENG 338 - Teaching Young Adult Literature

ENG 310 - Advanced Writing

SCD 394 - Pedagogy and Assessment

SCD 315 - Communications for Teachers

My Current Research Endeavours

Deciphering Digital Literacy: Assessing Digital Competencies of Students and Teachers

      • Thesis: Middle school students and educators lack the necessary digital literacy skills to be competent for 21st-century living and learning.

Mythology and Young Adult Literature: Engaging Students in Ancient Myths with Contemporary Young Adult Literature

      • Thesis: Young adult literature and graphic novels provide a contemporary interpretation of classic myths to reengage students with studying ancient literature.